Step out of the shadows, go inward with intention, and design the life you were meant to live.
The entire globe has felt the impact of 2020 but especially the Black community. Trauma is surfacing and it has taken a hard toll on each of us⁠—mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and even physically.

You’ve said:

“I feel triggered.”
“I feel edgy.”
“I feel exhausted.”

Our minds, bodies, and souls are responding to this change in ways that look like fear, anxiety, overwhelm, and we need our guidance to adjust in a way that heals us versus creating more trauma for us by ignoring it. Our minds, bodies, and souls are waiting for us to take the lead and redirect our lives.

It’s time to heal every cell in our bodies.

The truth is, while we might feel shaky, we are absolutely not broken and still have so much more to give the world, even if right now we’re unsure how to do that.
We want to heal and overcome these struggles.

We want to move forward in this season of change.

As we are approaching retrograde, a time to look over the past few months and really shine the light on the triumphs and challenges we’ve experienced, I realized it’s time to show up for ourselves.

While right now you might not feel like it, you are:
  • Powerful enough to change your entire life direction
  • Capable of achieving absolutely anything you put your mind too
  • Responsible for your healing and coming out even stronger
  • ​Able to decide where you go next and create a completely new future
You hold all the power within you to create the life you’ve always dreamed of.
This is an emotional time and it’s important to take those specific emotions and put those feelings into creative expression, get back to your center, and come out with your “why.”
An in-depth 4-week collaborative cohort to come together to heal, create, cut out the noise, and get crystal clear with your goals as you become the creative director of your life.

We are going to translate your feelings into creative expression, ground you, and help you get back to your center.

How would it feel if in 4-weeks you had answers to the questions that have been wondering for so long like…
  • “What’s next for me?” 
  • “How do I show up and create?”
  • “How can I move through this season of change without ignoring or overlooking the discomfort?”
  • ​“How do I tie in wellness to my creative journey?”
  • ​“What does the next part of this year look like for me and can it be better than the start?”
  • ​“How can I regain control of my life?”
I’ve dealt with these questions before and still do occasionally which is exactly why I developed Create, Collab + Flow. 

This program is for Black men and women who need support through this period of uncomfortable growth to discover the path they’re truly meant for through creative expression. Transformation of any kind means big change is coming from within, this is exactly what we need right now. We need to unlock the inner creative inside of you so you can share your gifts with the world and live a life that feels completely aligned with your purpose.

Create, Collab + Flow is going to help you actively learn, expand, and heal. We will adjust the course of action and keep moving together. We will take control back of our lives and consciously carve out the right path for ourselves.

You will learn how to put those specific emotions you’re feeling right now into your creative expression.

Together, we will heal and create alongside and in front of each other, myself included.

We’ll look beneath the surface to see what’s begging to come out and explore our subconscious patterns and long term beliefs to see their impact on our daily life. This will allow us to make new informed choices on who we are, what we want, and how we want to live.
How we will work together to achieve big results
Create, Collab + Flow will use the Creative Flow Forecast, my signature training, to help you learn from your patterns to get unblocked and allow your creativity to flow with the power of intention.

Sometimes, often without even realizing it, we end up settling and stuck in life. We catch ourselves feeling overwhelmed, burnt out, uninspired, unmotivated, and blocked from any and all creativity.

We fall into routines and habits that don’t bring us joy and at times it feels impossible to get out of. You know that you’re being called to make a change though. You can feel that you’re stuck, needing guidance, and are craving a push in the right direction which is exactly why you’re here. You’re ready to do the work to look deep inside of yourself and you’re committed to making the change your spirit is craving.

This is where The Creative Flow Forecast comes in, cuts out the noise, and helps you get crystal clear on what’s consuming your time and energy on a day to day basis. You will be able to map out an entire year, examining your motivation, energy, productivity, and completion each month, ending with a reflection to pinpoint your biggest accomplishments and roadblocks.

If you’re ready for more of what lights you up in life, this is the first step to identifying the change. The Creative Flow Forecast is not a quick fix, it requires commitment and dedication each day.

Once you make the commitment to yourself to dive into the CFF, you will...
  • Experience breakthroughs in places you didn’t realize you were stuck
  • Gain a sense of confidence in your work and establishing boundaries
  • Allow yourself to take a step back when you’re not as productive instead of pushing through
  • ​Feel more joy, wholeness, and connection to yourself
  • ​Become aware of where you need to be present in your daily life
This guide is for the people who are ready more. Those who wish to re-invite reciprocity into their lives. The ones who desire to improve themselves and the quality of their relationships. 

The people who are committed to living rich and being well.
The focus on this session is Creativity As Activism: Recentering, Resetting, Restoring Ourselves
You will be able to:
  • Rewire your inner programming
  • Restore your personal integrity
  • Raise your vibration
  • ​Redesign your impeccable life
You’ll uncover all the blocks and patterns that have been keeping you stuck where you are and overcome it with kind, honest, and direct conversation. You will learn how to be true to your convictions but compassionate in your approach to yourself and your peers so you can walk away with the highest level of personal integrity.
An in-depth 4-week collaborative cohort for millennials and entrepreneurs who are ready to cut out the noise and get crystal clear through intentional lifestyle design. Tap into your creative expression to expose subconscious patterns and make new informed choices with the highest level of integrity.  
Four Consecutive Saturdays  
JULY 4, JULY 11, JULY 18, JULY 25
1:00 - 2:30 PM CDT
Limited Need-Based Scholarships available*
First come, First serve. Interview required

Interested in sponsoring a scholarship for a creative?
 Visit HERE to learn more.
Meet Your Guide, Rai
I’m Rachel Rai, Lifestyle Architect and Facilitator of Flow. To me, FLOW means Functional Living for Optimal Wellness. I believe in the power of discovering patterns and habits to tap into your divine natural approach, to truly honor yourself, and create a powerful and intentional life and career. Supporting other humans in recommitting to their creative potential and well-being is what brings me the greatest joy in life. 

I was born and raised in the glory, grind, and grit of the midwest city of Detroit, all I’ve wanted to do in this life is make a positive impact, give back to the world, and create a rich legacy that will live on far beyond my years.
If you’re ready to commit to showing up to use your creativity as expression and self-care as advocacy, let’s do this!
If I attend session 1, can I attend future sessions as well?
At this time, Create, Collab + Flow is for new clients only. Once you participate in the cohort, you’ll graduate and be granted access into my free Facebook group where you’ll continue to receive support.
I’m very introverted. What if I feel uncomfortable asking questions and sharing my ideas on the call?
I totally understand and want every participant to feel comfortable and have an opportunity to contribute. Participation is a huge part of this experience, therefore in order to make sharing easier, a form will be sent out before each session for you to share your thoughts anonymously.
What if I won’t be able to attend all four sessions. Do you offer partial refunds?
Not to worry! While no refunds will be given, if you’re unable to attend a session, you’ll be able to access the replay no later than 48 hours following the session.
I can’t attend but I’d like to sponsor a space for a participant. Is there a way for me to support?
Yes! We have a scholarship program. Please Visit HERE to learn more.
I’m not an entrepreneur. Can I participate?
Of course. We’re accepting all applications from any BIPOC millennial interested in utilizing creative expression as a form of self-care and advocacy in their life.
What if I need additional support? Will I be able to get one to one support?
Absolutely! You’re always welcome to book a complimentary discovery call with me HERE.
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