Deep-rooted, everlasting change starts with inner healing
Make the pledge to support BIPOCs on the journey to healing through creative expression
The entire globe has felt the impact of 2020, but it’s felt especially hard in the Black community. Trauma is surfacing and it has taken a hard toll on each person—mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and even physically.

For this reason, Create, Collab + Flow was founded. Create, Collab + Flow is an in-depth 4-week collaborative cohort for the Black community to come together to heal, create, cut out the noise, and get crystal clear on their goals, empowering each member to become the creative director of their life.

Session 1: Creativity As Activism, will help restore, resettle, and recenter, the lives of those who join.

It’s no secret that there has been a lot of pain and suffering amongst BIPOC and Create, Collab + Flow is here to heal the minds, bodies, and souls of the members of our community. This program was created to guide participants to take the lead and move forward through this season of change by addressing the trauma and healing it through creativity. 

Your contribution will help support a Black creative as they take their emotions and put those feelings into creative expression, get back to their center, and come out of this 4-week program with their “why.”

Supporting this program will help the participants…
  • Experience breakthroughs in places they didn’t realize they were stuck
  • Gain a sense of confidence in their work and learn how to establish boundaries
  • Allow themselves to feel more joy, wholeness, and connection within themselves
  • ​Become more aware of where they need to be more present in their life
Transformation comes from within and this is exactly what the community needs right now. The focus of Create, Collab + Flow is on helping the members unlock their inner creative so they can share their gifts with the world and live a life that feels completely aligned with their purpose.

Sponsor a scholarship with your pledge of $111 today

Watch this video to learn more about:
  • How the program works
  • Why the program matters
  • How the participants are selected
Your support matters
Your participation is needed because not everyone has the funds available to participate without the scholarship and the purpose of the scholarship is to wipe away any financial burden and allow people who need the support to get it.

Create, Collab + Flow represents change. It represents healing and growing together. It is a safe space for each member to express themselves freely and openly.

When you make a donation, you will be funding one scholarship for a BIPOC to join this program without them having to source the funds themselves. This will be a huge opportunity for applicants, no matter their financial status, to be able to participate in a much-needed group program.

If you’d like to make a donation to fund a scholarship, you can do so by first completing the pledge form, after which you'll be redirected to make your payment!

At the end of our session, your name, website, and personal statement will be added to our pledge page and live there as long as the program exists as a huge thank you for your donation.
Live Rich Be Well Co. is a for-profit organization and is not and does not make any claim to be NPO. Therefore, all donations are not tax-deductible, but will be used to support need-based applicants.
Meet Rai
I’m Rachel Rai, Lifestyle Architect and Facilitator of Flow. To me, FLOW means Functional Living for Optimal Wellness. I believe in the power of discovering patterns and habits to tap into your divine natural approach, to truly honor yourself, and create a powerful and intentional life and career. Supporting other humans in recommitting to their creative potential and well-being is what brings me the greatest joy in life. 

I was born and raised in the glory, grind, and grit of the midwest city of Detroit, all I’ve wanted to do in this life is make a positive impact, give back to the world, and create a rich legacy that will live on far beyond my years.
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